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New Products and Bonus Buys direct from the manufacturer  

New Products & Opportunity Buys Direct from the Manufacturer to Qualified Buyers.

Our Wholesale Program is designed to connect emerging manufacturers with independent retailers across the US. 

Many of our product offerings are unique as they are not yet available in leading distributors. With that being said, retailers are able to purchase these products at wholesale price or lower without any distributor mark-up. 

Some of our product lines feature free shipping options too. Check out our latest catalog and see for yourself. Or contact us and we'll be happy to assist. Thanks for visiting our store! 

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About Us

Our mission is to connect new product companies with the independent retailer. We support the development of new products in our incubator thru hands-on guidance and resources. If you would like to have your product featured in our online catalog, or if you are looking to gain distribution for your new product, contact us today.